Commitment to Development

Talent development and succession planning is a critical issue for future growth of all construction companies. S&B USA Construction is no exception, and two years ago the company began focusing on building upon the talented workforce already on its team.

Developing talent at all levels is what ultimately makes S&B USA Construction a high performing company.  And as confirmed by our core values, makes us the preference for both employees and business partners. S&B USA Construction identifies, invests in, and nurtures potential, while rewarding entrepreneurship. We truly believe that talent must be developed to increase employee participation and engagement in the expanding growth of our company.  We know that our talent development initiatives will differentiate us and support our strategic objective of retaining and attracting top talent.

 Key aspects:

  • Formalized Leadership Development Program
  • New Employee On Boarding
  • On-the-Job Training and Skill Development
  • Professional Licensing and Certifications (EIT, P.E) Support and Reimbursement 
  • Mentoring and Coaching

SurrenaQuote2022"We now have a heavy focus on employee development. And we recognize our need to transfer knowledge and experience throughout the organization.”

 - Ryan, Executive VP of Operations