Ports and Waterways Construction Expertise

S&B USA Construction has extensive experience completing complex construction projects in and surrounding waterways. Our work has involved locks and dams, ports, bridges, pilings, boat landings, terminal facilities, cofferdam/mooring cells, and waterfront development, such as river walls and river walks. From wetlands to rivers to lakes, S&B USA Construction has it all covered.

To perform these construction services, S&B USA Construction has direct access to a marine fleet including floating barges, crawler cranes, and boats. Using this equipment gives us the ability to construct projects directly in the water, when necessary.

Seagirt Marine Terminal Berth 3 Wharf Improvements

Fay is upgrading Berth 3 of Seagirt Marine Terminal to meet the requirements of post Panamax ships that call on the port. Key work includes pavement and fill removal, upgrades to structural concrete components, both topside and underwater, to strengthen them to withstand forces placed upon them by the larger vessels and a subaqueous sheet pile cutoff wall to retain the original bottom against and under the existing marginal wharf after dredging is completed to accommodate the deeper draft vessels. The existing fenders will be removed and replaced, again, to accommodate the larger ships.

Montgomery Lock and Dam Gate Installation

Fay was contracted to removal of existing lift gates 9 and 10 and their replacement along with camera systems, repairing the gate track for lift gate 3, modifying machinery housing on piers 9, 10 and 11, modifying track and sill, and repairing parts of the pier concrete at the Montgomery Lock and Dam on the Ohio River in Monaca, PA.

Charleroi Locks and Dam River Chamber Monoliths Construction

Fay constructed the reinforced concrete middle wall monoliths M-22 to M-27 along the Monongahela River. Our work also included building steel cofferboxes to perform the monolith construction, operating an on-site batch plant, demolition of the existing river wall, and relocating utilities.