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With 100 years of experience developing, building and financing the most complex projects around the globe, it was only natural for Shikun & Binui to take on the challenge to electrify mobility.

S&B USA eMobility is a dedicated partner and a one-stop-shop for complex transitions into zero emission transportation. We capitalize on our unique know-how which includes developing and operating a +4GW energy asset portfolio, along-side a variety of mega-projects around the globe.

Our fully integrated model allows clients to benefit from world-class project delivery, while enjoying significant cash-flow improvements thanks to our innovative project financing schemes and expertise. Recent US success stories include the development of 3 mega-energy projects in California and Texas (450MW combined), the design-build-operation and finance of a $+1B Managed Lanes system in Texas and a $1.5B design-build-operation and finance to protect metropolitan Fargo, North Dakota from devastating floods.

Our eMobility team is hands-on and committed for your long-term success.



Advisory Services

S&B USA eMobility offers advisory services to assist your organization in your eMobility transition. Our team uses advanced software and analytical techniques to:

  • Reveal where you can maximize benefits from electrifying a fleet asset
  • Evaluate the best sites for EVCI (chargers)
  • Determine the value add of developing a solar microgrid or on-site energy storage.

Destination and Residential Charging

Our team partners with the most advanced technology vendors and highly proven subcontractors to bring the most effective charging solutions to your Residential or Commercial Real Estate. We begin all engagements with an evaluation of your sites and determine the most impactful locations for siting your chargers to maximize utilization, minimizing installation costs, and increasing time in store for retailers.


Electric Fleet as a Service

Whether you are a school bus provider or focused on the transportation of goods or services, S&B USA eMobility has the capabilities needed to enable your fleet to go electric. Our advisory services will determine which route or assets are most suitable for electrification. We will present a transition plan including a full financing package, construction of charging infrastructure, acquisition of vehicles and management of the fleet and charging through fleet management technologies. Innovative finance will allow making a complex project a reality, even under significant cash-flow and short-term budget restrictions.

Energy Technology Solutions

Our eMobility team can offer solar energy generation and on-site energy storage, paired with microgrid and load management capabilities to match the energy needs of clients, no matter how remote your location or how large the energy needs of your fleet. S&B’s portfolio of energy storage and generation facilities gives our team a unique experience in developing these facilities compared to other EVCI providers. As a leader in the energy space, S&B owns and operates multiple storage technologies across its energy assets and has vast experience in all current and innovative Energy solutions.


Finance and Operation of Facilities

S&B USA eMobility can offer your project its financing and operational needs for electric charging solutions. This is proven by our company’s past leadership in financing and asset operations for major US P3 infrastructure projects. S&B USA is part of a team developing the largest climate resilience program currently underway in the United States or another managing one of the country’s largest managed capacity lane projects. Our reputation for delivery well designed projects within budget remains strong. Combining our experience in these and other large projects, we feel uniquely poised to design, build, manage, operate and finance the large investments needed for municipalities and fleets to undertake their largest electrification projects.

















Our Approach

S&B USA eMobility offers a holistic approach to match your EV needs. 

Our Approach 


Why S&B USA eMobility?

Strong in-House Capabilities
S&B is proven in project development, construction management and energy procurement with billions of assets completed, under development and under management in transportation, logistics and energy.
Robust Balance Sheet with Strong EV and US Commitment
S&B can support significant capital expenditure based on its own balance sheet. Our robust financing experience allows for access to private financing for an additional layer of funds to facilitate large and complex projects.
Agile, Tech Savvy and Innovative
Our firm has a tech-savvy, early-adapting culture. We have working relationships with the most advanced technology partners in the e-mobility industry ensuring our solutions are robust, reliable and relevant.
Strong National Presence
We are well established in most of the Nation’s major transportation markets. Our long history of delivering successful projects has allowed us to build strong relationships with government and private industry.




Haggai Dror
Vice President of Business and Strategy, Managing Director eMobility

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Grant Ervin
Director of Environmental, Social, Governance and Innovation

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Eido Almog
Director of Strategy & Development

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Connor Hayes
eMobility Product Solutions Manager

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