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Importance of Protecting Wildlife During Construction

Construction often involves creative solutions to protect indigenous and protected wildlife. When possible, construction can be scheduled to avoid certain key events important to maintaining the species. Some examples of this that our company has dealt with in the recent past were:

  • Scheduled several construction activities to limit activities within 1,500 of the entrance to hibernacula of Indiana bats between November 15 and March 31 each year.
  • Avoided in stream construction work during the months of February through June to avoid impacts to anadromous fish species, who migrate from the ocean to spawn in freshwaters.
  • Avoidance of any in-stream activities from March 15th to July 1st due to the presence of endangered longnose sucker fish, as well as notifying the fish and wildlife commission prior to any in stream activity outside of the banned period, so that they would conduct a fish survey in the stream to assure that construction activities could proceed.


Another method of protection of endangered species is to design ways to monitor and work around the species. Some examples of this were:

  • Utilized full-time subcontractors to observe and protect timber rattlesnakes and turtles which are protected under NJ law. They monitored the roadways and job site to find any protected species and relocate it nearby. The rattlesnakes were heat seeking and were often on the roadways in the day time. Before any vehicular or equipment travel, they would patrol the road. They also examined equipment after sitting overnight to make sure no snakes had crawled into take advantage of the engine heat from the previous day’s usage.
  • Installed a fish baffle matrix to allow for the passage of fish in a stream while we worked.
  • Utilized a trestle to access the construction on a bridge to avoid disturbances to the Roanoke Logperch fish and the red-cockaded woodpecker.

Our workers and work plan help maintain both the objectives of protection of wildlife and delivering a project on time to our clients.