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S&B eMobility is your dedicated partner and a one-stop-shop for complex transitions into zero-emission transportation. We capitalize on our unique know-how, which includes infrastructure construction, developing and operating a +4GW energy asset portfolio, and a variety of mega projects around the globe.

S&B USA eMobility builds on our experience with large and complex fleet electrification projects through innovative financing models in an attempt to make construction costs more palatable for our clients. As an expert in Electric vehicle charging infrastructure, our service areas include fleets, real estate owners and operators, municipalities, K-12 schools, higher education, and hospitals.

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Solutions For Every Situation

Advisory Services

Our team uses advanced software and analytical techniques to discover where you can maximize benefits from electrifying a fleet asset, evaluate the best sites for EVSE (chargers) and determine the value in developing a solar microgrid or on-site energy storage.

Destination & Residential Charging

We begin engagements with an evaluation of your sites to determine the most impactful locations for charger placement to minimize installation and operation costs, maximize utilization rates, and increase dwell time of customers.

Electric Fleet as a Service

Our advisory services will determine which route or assets are most suitable for electrification. We will present a transition plan, which includes a full financing package, construction of charging infrastructure, acquisition of vehicles, and management of the fleet and charging.

Energy Technology Solutions

When solar energy generation and on-site energy storage is paired with microgrid and load management capabilities, we can ensure any client has the ability of electrifying their vehicles, no matter how remote the location or how large the energy needs.

Finance & Operation of Facilities

S&B USA eMobility is capable of fulfilling your project’s financing and operational needs for electric charging solutions, even under significant cash-flow and short-term budget restrictions. This is proven by our company’s past leadership in the financing of major United States P3 infrastructure projects.

Change isn't easy. Transitions are complex. We know from customers that figuring out how to build, finance, operate and maintain is hard. Our approach is to help you simplify these transactions in this 4-step approach. 

Our Approach

S&B USA eMobility offers a holistic approach to match your electric vehicle infrastructure needs

Operational Needs Assessment

Meet with our advisory team to learn how Electric Vehicles can increase uptime while lowering cost

Site and Grid Review

Our experienced advisors will utilize grid resource data and cutting-edge software to best locate your charging infrastructure

Matching Needs with Vehicle & Charging Technology

After evaluating your fleet’s driving patterns, charging needs and siting criteria, we will match your needs to the best hardware and software solutions

Finance Opportunities

Our firm’s vast experience in financing will allow your team to electrify now to reap the benefits of EV at a cost within your organizational budget

Why S&B USA eMobility?

Strong In-House Capabilities

EV charging infrastructureS&B USA is proven in project development, construction management and energy procurement with billions of dollars in assets completed, under development and under management in transportation, logistics and energy.


Robust Balance Sheet with Industry Leading Experience Advancing the Clean Energy Transition

electric vehicle infrastructure S&B USA can support significant capital expenditure. Our robust financing experience allows for access to exclusive and preferred financing terms to facilitate large and complex energy projects.


Agile, Tech Savvy and Innovative

ev fleet charging solutionsOur firm has a tech-savvy, early-adapting culture. We have working relationships with the most advanced technology partners in the e-mobility industry ensuring our EV fleeting charging solutions are robust, reliable, and relevant.


Strong National Presence

fleet electrification across the nationWe are well established in most of the nation's major transportation markets. Our long history of delivering successful projects has allowed us to build strong relationships with government and private industry.

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S&B USA eMobility

Think Globally.
Act Locally.

S&B USA Mobility is an EV charging infrastructure enterprise of S&B USA.




S&B USA eMobility is a new business built on the financing expertise of S&B USA Concessions, the construction expertise of S&B USA Construction, and the energy expertise of S&B USA Energy.
Core Values

Core Values

Employees at S&B USA live and exemplify the core values of our company every day in the interactions with other employees, our clients, our business partners and the communities in which we work.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is becoming an increasingly important factor in running a business; S&B USA and its family of companies is committed to sustainable infrastructure solutions for our company and the communities in which we serve—our environment, our future.

Why Work for S&B USA eMobility?

S&B USA eMobility is looking for job seekers who enjoy working with their hands, operating in a team environment, constructing a variety of different structures, and are looking to gain valuable experience on projects that make an impact on local communities. We offer a variety of careers in construction and similar project support services, where our team works together to create some of the most sustainable, meaningful and high profile construction projects in the United States.

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Safety is at our company's core, and we have established a culture of caring for our people. As part of a multi-national company, we think globally and act locally with our team of professionals worldwide. From the field to the board room, our vision is to be creators of safe and innovative infrastructure solutions.
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

We offer multiple ways to nurture your career; our engineer development program, apprenticeships, internships, opportunities for administrative personnel and our commitment to development.


We offer all the standard benefits, plus a 401k match and a wellness program.



S&B USA eMobility identifies, invests in and nurtures potential, while rewarding entrepreneurship.

Our News

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Meet the S&B USA eMobility Team
September 5, 2023

Meet the S&B USA eMobility Team

S&B USA eMobility, the newest venture of S&B USA, has assembled a high quality team of specialists in electric vehicle fleet transformation, sustainable development, and transportation innovation. The team is spearheading S&B USA's EV expansion in their home state of Pennsylvania and beyond.

S&B USA Establishes Joint Venture with Francis Energy, Wins 3 NEVI Sites in Pennsylvania
August 30, 2023

S&B USA Establishes Joint Venture with Francis Energy, Wins 3 NEVI Sites in Pennsylvania

S&B USA, a leading developer of public-private partnerships (P3) and an award-winning heavy civil contractor, has established a joint venture with Francis Energy, owner of the fifth-largest electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network in the country.

What can we do today to support the future of Electric Vehicles?
July 19, 2023

What can we do today to support the future of Electric Vehicles?

Have you seen the numerous headlines about the future of electric vehicles? Read this article written by Haggai Dror, Managing Director of S&B eMobility, to demystify what can be done to support the future of electric vehicles.