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Fay’s Excellence Recognized Building MD Ports, MD Transit and MD Highways

Fay has been building infrastructure in Maryland for nearly 30 years. In the recent past, three different agencies within the Maryland Department of Transportation, MDOT, have recognized our work. It’s an honor to work for these agencies serving the transportation market in Maryland.

Last week, Maryland Transportation Authority, MDTA, enlisted our Project Manager to describe our work on the Purple Line.


MDTA also previously featured Fay in a video for the concrete pour for University Boulevard Bridge Demolition.


Additionally, we are actively involved at the Port of Baltimore. The Maryland Port Administration, MPA, recognized our work on the Ports Chesapeake Seagirt Berth 3.

On LinkedIn, MPA posted that “Reconstruction and dredging of Seagirt Berth 3 are underway at the Port of Baltimore! Working closely with our partner Ports America Chesapeake, this project will allow us to accommodate ultra large container ships simultaneously at the 50’ berths.” And thanked Fay!

In The News 3 MD Agencies


Finally, for the tripartite, the Maryland State Highway Administration, MSHA, and Governor Larry Hogan congratulate Fay on opening the four eastbound lanes of the Severn River Bridge 38 days early.