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Fay Southeast is a diversified infrastructure contractor recognized for innovative solutions to complex construction projects, serving the geographical region from Southern Virginia through the Carolinas. The firm is committed to providing construction services in a manner that ensures the safety of employees, customers, and the neighboring communities.

We specialize in bridge structures, such as our Route 35 Bridge Design-Build Replacement project; marine construction, such as the new St. Petersburg Pier; as well as pilings and deep foundations on projects, such as the AREVA Nuclear Plant Site Preparation, where we drove 5,800 concrete piles.


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757-468-1500 | 5700 Thurston Avenue, Suite 211, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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  • Nationally recognized safety culture
  • Client focused approach
  • Recognized partnering practices
  • Industry leader in innovative solutions and methods
  • Highly experienced and qualified employees


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