Construction Expertise

S&B USA Construction builds complex infrastructure projects through its self-performing entities—Fay and Fay Southeast—and specializes in P3 and design-builds where the contractor is responsible for the management of mega projects, including aspects of planning, permitting, and in some cases, financing

Alternative Delivery

p3 constructionS&B USA Construction specializes in alternative delivery—such as design-build, P3 and CMAR—allows for more flexibility and tends to offer a more collaborative approach. Under alternative delivery, designers and contractors are encouraged to work together to fulfill a single contract, which fosters an environment of innovation. This method enables the owner of the project to consider structural integrity and longevity of the design along with the price, allowing them to base their final decision on the project with the best value instead of the cheapest option.

S&B USA Construction is focused on these alternative delivery projects, and we are experienced at forming partnerships with consulting teams of engineers to tackle design-build, P3 and CMAR projects.

Core Competencies

Roadways & Structures

Our nation’s transportation infrastructure is vital to day-to-day operations, and S&B USA Construction isdesign-build dedicated to keeping these necessary structures in excellent shape. Our company include experts within the industry who have constructed vehicular, pedestrian and scenic bridges in a variety of landscapes. Our personnel are well versed in driving pile and installing cast-in-place concrete, steel and concrete girders, and guardrails. We have successfully completed projects for both commercial customers and government officials at all levels. Our concrete expertise includes various complex structures, especially those found in and around water (such as bridges, piers, dolphins and docks) and forming and pouring high piers, walls, and abutments. We also have experience also in structural rehabilitation in the form of steel repairs, deck replacement and spall repairs on bridges.

Marine Construction

Our team has successfully completed countless marine projects for the United States Navy, Army Corpsmarine construction company of Engineers, and other federal, state, and local entities. These projects have given us valuable experience performing excavation, trenching and scour protection of underwater structures from barges. Furthermore, we are capable of completing complex construction and demolition both in and above water, including locks and dams, as well as major and minor bridges over water. We are familiar with waterfront development, including the construction of river walls, river walks, boat landings, terminal facilities, cofferdam cells and mooring cells. Our skills include scour protection and remediation at locks and dams, bridge substructures, dock facilities and underwater structures.


We are experienced in the demolition of hundreds of bridges, dams, mass concrete areas, steeldemolition company structures and concrete substructures. Some of our more difficult projects have been constrained by limited access, tight schedules and the need for efficient material handling, yet we are capable of overcoming these challenges by developing rapid innovative solutions to successfully keep projects both on schedule and within budget. Our extensive fleet of excavator-mounted hydraulic hammers and shears enables us to excel in conventional demolition operations, and our proficient high-reach and ability to hoe ram concrete underwater give us a competitive edge in the concrete demolition marketplace. Our team’s skills and expertise have been tested by time, and we are capable of performing the most calculated steel dismantling by heavy rigging and hoisting overactive improvements where felling the structure is not feasible.


We specialize in both driven pile foundation—including wood, steel, concrete, or a combination—and sheet pile construction to support our projects. Our team members have experience driving precast concrete pile ranging from 12–54 inches wide in lengths up to 180 feet; steel pipe pile ranging from 12–72 inches in diameter in lengths up to 199 feet and weights up to 330,000 pounds; sheet pile installation for cofferdams up to 120 feet in length; and retaining wall systems for shoring protection. We have driven pipe piles for pier foundations to reinforce bridge spans, timber piles for support of concrete box culverts, concrete-filled pipe piles for equipment foundations in power plants, and H-Beam piles for foundation supports and slabs on grade.

Fay has performed well in the various scopes that have been awarded to them. They perform the work safely and with a high degree of quality. The Fay team is well managed and acts with a high degree of professionalism and has been flexible in supporting the project. Due to Fay's performance, Shell has continued to award more and more work to Fay on the Shell Pennsylvania Chemical Project. 
-Louis Stone, Project Construction Manager

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