Core Values:

"Living to be Safe and Accident Free"
Safety is essential, and our employees are our most valuable resource. We have established a culture of caring for our people, and we encourage our employees to believe in safety and work the “Safe Way.” We observe the best safety practices to:
  • Provide a safe workspace for employees, subcontractors and general public
  • Strive for the highest safety standards on our jobsites
  • Train and educate our employees so they are knowledgeable of the safety rules and standards to ensure their own safety, as well as that of their coworkers
People are the most valuable asset of any organization. We exhibit this by respecting others; being honest in communications with co-workers, customers and business partners; and recognizing individuals for their efforts. We construct as one team and work towards one goal of providing the best possible services for our clients.
Relationships are a two-way street: We strive to treat others as we wish to be treated by them—with honesty and respect. S&B USA matches behaviors to words and takes responsibility for our actions. Doing the “right” thing will always be rewarded.
We take pride and personal satisfaction in the results of our hard work when innovation and creative thinking leads to solutions that provide better value to our clients.

Earning a fair profit increases our long-term value. By continuing to secure sources of income through the work we complete for our projects, we can invest in ourselves and continue to grow into the best version of S&B USA we can be.