What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. S&B USA's projects are designed for the environment and community and focus on resilience, longevity and climate consciousness. An ESG initiative provides the framework for continuous improvement by analyzing performance beyond financial data. This data often looks at three success-defining areas: impacts on the environment, society and governance. ESG applies to all projects and sits at the core of S&B USA's business strategy.

  • The environmental criteria focuses on the sourcing and consumption of energy and water, waste and material management, and the company’s impact on the living and built environment

  • Social criteria addresses the company’s relationship with people and society, our engagement with communities, diversity in all forms, health, well-being and safety and responsible labor practices

  • Governance criteria accounts for the responsible, lawful and ethical business practices adopted by the company, our clients and stakeholders


Here at S&B USA, we strive to...

  • Create business values for partners and communities

  • Improve employee satisfaction

  • Enhance management insights and decision support

  • Increase efficiency, project quality and technology integration

  • Demonstrate market leadership

  • Build stakeholder trust

  • Meet financial regulations and government standards

ESG in Action

  • Creative and sustainable project finance

  • Project scaled for environmental stewardship

  • Caring for our people and communities

  • Ethical business practices

  • Delivery of projects that enhance and improve our environment

Funding and Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability: Protecting and enhancing existence through economic, social, and environmental balance for us and for the generations to come

These building blocks shape our mission and values into measurable reports and guidance. This is where data is gathered, insights are discovered, information is synthesized and analyzed, and we work hard to meet and exceed goals set by ourselves and organizations larger than ourselves. We are investors in our own company, and by creating a stable foundation, we can thrive in all other aspects of our company and share the benefits with our community.

Foundations corresponds with our value of acting with integrity.

As a company that focuses on construction, analyzing our environmental impact is crucial. Finding ways to create a closed loop and a circular material path allows us to reuse products and infrastructure in new and exciting ways. It prevents excessive waste and will enable us to discover unique and creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Complying with environmental standards is core to our mission to create resilient communities that allow people and the planet to thrive.

Environmental impact corresponds with our value of providing solutions.
S&B USA values our employees and highlight diversity, equity, and inclusion in our building blocks of sustainability. We aim to ensure our people have a safe and healthy work environment whether out in the field or in an office. We aim to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM to fill the gender gap in the construction industry. Our goal is to create a balanced workplace and show our employees how valuable they are.

People corresponds to our values of working safely and valuing people.
All the projects we pursue create modern and resilient infrastructure that benefits our greater community. We work with local governments and beyond to create an established working relationship to build useful infrastructure that has a lasting positive impact. Our supply chain, memberships, and partners are all carefully chosen to reflect our core values.

Community corresponds with our values of working safely and valuing people.
Sustainability and ESG include sustainable financing and investments. This building block drives home the point of delivering return while investing in sustainable projects and partnerships that positively affect our surrounding environment and communities. Using several avenues of funding such as combining local, private, and federal monies, we create a diverse funding portfolio. Whether it is utilizing green bonds to finance a project, or investing in cleaner energy production and transportation, S&B USA strives to not only lead the market but make the market.

The expertise that S&B USA delivers every day in resilient infrastructure demonstrates that P3s, complex infrastructure, and other alternative delivery projects align strongly with our ESG mission and Building Blocks of Sustainability. Please see below ‘ESG Focused Projects’ section for some notable highlights.

Sustainable offerings corresponds with our value of delivering return. 

ESG Focused Projects

Named after a Hill District civic leader, Frankie Pace Park reconnects the Hill District to the resources in downtown Pittsburgh while also solving the injustice from the 1950’s highway that separated the black community from the Central Business District. It creates a vital bike and pedestrian link to downtown via a 3-acre park on a new bridge structure. By listening to the community, six key themes were chosen for the new park: water, green, destination, music, seating and connection. Specific expressions of these six themes were developed by a team of artists from the Hill and incorporated by the project landscape architect and refined through multiple public meetings. The park lawns are specially designed to absorb up to six inches of rainwater. Since the project has been built, it has resulted in a net reduction of stormwater discharge to the public storm sewer system compared to previous years. The park will also contribute to the city’s urban tree cover, which will help reduce energy consumption by surrounding buildings on hot summer days by lessening the urban heat island effect.


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Beacon II and V*:

S&B USA acquired 49.5% stake in the Beacon project, marking it as the first solar asset in the US for Shikun & Binui. Beacon consists of two projects: Beacon II (59.6 MW) and Beacon V (48.2 MW), which adds up to a total of 108 MW in solar assets. Both sites interconnect and sell power to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power under two Power Purchase Agreements.

Saticoy Energy Storage*:

S&B USA acquired a 49% stake in the Saticoy Energy Storage project in Ventura County, CA, which is one of the largest operational battery storage sites in the US. It is estimated to provide electricity for 80,000 residents and businesses. This project uses leading-edge technology to develop a zero-emission plant that helps reduce grid outages and provides power at peak times without harmful air, water and noise pollution.

Brazoria West*:

S&B USA acquired 100% of the rights for the development of the 260 MW Brazoria West Solar. The site spans 1,100 acres and contains 598,872 PV modules, 270 central inverters and 7,098 single axis trackers. Since its completion, this project supplies clean and reliable energy to approximately 37,100 households in Texas.

*Renewable energy projects completed by S&B USA Energy, an affiliated company

A significant component of the Fargo-Moorhead Storm Water Diversion Channel and Associated Infrastructure Project is a public-private partnership (P3) valued at approximately $1.5 billion. The project includes the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the 30-mile diversion channel that will protect the Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo metro area, North Dakota, during times of extreme flooding. In addition, the project will be able to contain, control, or divert the flow of water and provide protection from temporary flooding. Designed to withstand 100 years of flooding, this project will help protect more than 235,000 citizens from potentially catastrophic damage.
The structure will be heated to accommodate the fish spawning in the water, which is an important environmental feature. Red River Valley alliance will be financing a range of flood risk mitigation and related infrastructure elements for the project which have all been regarded as eligible green expenditures. This project is both the first large-scale flood protection resiliency P3 and the first “green financing framework” for a P3 project in the US.

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S&B USA is a 50% member of the design-build joint venture for the SH-288 toll Roads P3 project, which is classified as a Greenroads – meaning that it was designed and constructed to be more sustainable than the current practice. This P3 project includes the planning, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of 10.3 miles of fast toll roads, as well as upgrading, operation and maintenance of existing un-tolled lanes in both directions. It includes 56 bridges, 18 new connector ramps and 541 structural columns. The purpose of this project is to manage the annual average daily traffic (AADT) of 160,000 in a congested urban setting to improve accessibility and the health of the transportation network in Houston. SH-288 was a pilot project for the Greenroads ratings system. Project measures evaluated environment and water consumption, construction activities, materials and design, utilities and controls, access and livability, and creativity and effort.


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