Creators of Safe and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Where legacy meets innovation

Creators of Safe and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Where legacy meets innovation

Creators of Safe and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Where legacy meets innovation

Creators of Safe and Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Where legacy meets innovation

A Family of Companies

S&B USA acts a dominating market force in the United States public-private partnership (P3) sector. In our pursuit of success, we pull from the combined pool of resources and knowledge from our family of companies, which has been carefully curated over time. S&B USA offers expertise in both the concessions and construction fields, where we incorporate new, cutting-edge technology into our infrastructure services in the areas of project development, construction management, self-performing construction, and operation and maintenance of assets after construction has been completed.

S&B USA, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, creates complex infrastructure projects and specializes in P3s and other alternative delivery methods.



S&B USA Concessions is one of North America’s leading private developers and financial arrangers of public infrastructure projects delivered using the P3 model.

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S&B USA Construction is the construction arm of Shikun & Binui Ltd. in the United States that builds complex infrastructure projects and specializes in P3 and design-build projects.

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Think Globally.
Act Locally.

With an extensive history enriched by local experts, we use innovation to exceed clients' expectations. We recognize the importance of experience, and call upon a wealth of nearly 100 years of global knowledge to dominate markets and lead alternative delivery projects—including P3s.

Builders of infrastructure for tomorrow's future

S&B USA is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and operated through its infrastructure development and equity subsidiary, S&B USA Concessions, and its construction subsidiary, S&B USA Construction (a parent company to both Fay—founded in 1947—and Fay Southeast—founded in 1982).

As an infrastructure solutions company, S&B USA is responsible for developing and building complex infrastructure projects, and we specialize in P3s—where the developer and contractor are responsible for the management of mega projects, including aspects of financing, designing, permitting, maintaining and operating.

Photo of Pittsburgh Rotary Club Excellence in Ethics Award in the medium business category

Pittsburgh Rotary Club Excellence in Ethics Award

S&B USA won this award in the Medium Business category for 2023.

Innovator of the Year for Infrastructure Solutions

Innovator of the Year

S&B USA Construction won this award for drone usage in quantity reconciliation.

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AGC Build America Project of the Year

S&B USA Construction has won this award 3 times.

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S&B USA is the US operations of Shikun & Binui Ltd., founded in 1924 and the leading infrastructure and development company in Israel operating in 20 countries around the world.
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Core Values

Employees at S&B USA live and exemplify the core values of our company every day in the interactions with other employees, our clients, our business partners and the communities in which we work.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is becoming an increasingly important factor in running a business; S&B USA is committed to sustainable infrastructure solutions for our company and the communities in which we serve—our environment, our future.

Featured Projects

Fargo-Moorhead Stormwater Diversion Channel P3

Fargo, ND
This project is constructing a 30-mile long flood diversion channel that is designed to protect Moorhead, Fargo and West Fargo from flooding for 100 years.
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PennDOT Major Bridge P3 Program

Throughout PA
S&B USA is part of Bridging Pennsylvania Developers (BPD), a group that formed as a response to the PennDOT Pathways Program, which is rapidly addressing the state's growing backlog of rehabilitation needs for major bridges that are approaching the end of their lifespan.
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Beaver River Bridge Replacement

Beaver, PA
This project plans to build two new parallel cast-in-place segmental bridges to replace the current steel deck truss bridge that was built in 1953.
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Howard Street Tunnel Clearance Program

Baltimore, MD
Fay is in the design phase of a progressive design-build project that will increase the clearance of the Howard Street Tunnel from 19 to 21 feet to permit the safe passage of double-stack trains.
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Pittsburgh International Airport - Roads & Bridges

Pittsburgh, PA
Fay was recently awarded a contract to design and build a new network of roads as part of a larger modernization plan at Pittsburgh International Airport; the highlight of the project is a dual-level bridge that leads to the new terminal.
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SH 288 Toll Lanes P3

Houston, TX
This project constructed four toll lanes on SH 288 in Houston, TX to address congestion and improve the functionality of these interchanges to make travel more direct and accessible.
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Infrastructure Solutions For Every Situation


Our 75-year history has helped us establish ourselves as a major player in the construction management of P3 activities in the United States and become a dominate presence as a self-performing company in the Mid-Atlantic region.
S&B USA Construction

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our team offers total asset management in order to provide clients with a lifecycle procurement approach that guarantees performance.

S&B USA Concessions


We specialize in developing financial plans that allocates risk to the party best able to manage it—S&B USA has financed three P3 projects in the United States within the last five years; while our parent company Shikun & Binui has financed over 26 infrastructure projects.

S&B USA Concessions

Why Work for S&B USA?

S&B USA is looking for job seekers who enjoy working with their hands, operating in a team environment, constructing a variety of different structures, and are looking to gain valuable experience on projects that make an impact on local communities. We offer a variety of careers in construction and similar project support services, where our team works together to create some of the most sustainable, meaningful and high profile construction projects in the United States.

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Safety is at our company's core, and we have established a culture of caring for our people. As part of a multi-national company, we think globally and act locally with our team of professionals worldwide. From the field to the board room, our vision is to be creators of safe and innovative infrastructure solutions.
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Career Opportunities

We offer multiple ways to nurture your career; our engineer development program, apprenticeships, internships, opportunities for administrative personnel and our commitment to development.
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We offer all the standard benefits, plus a 401k match and a wellness program.

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S&B USA identifies, invests in and nurtures potential, while rewarding entrepreneurship.

Our News

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A Pittsburgh Company with Deep Community Roots Is Embracing CSR - and Reaping the Benefits
May 7, 2024

A Pittsburgh Company with Deep Community Roots Is Embracing CSR - and Reaping the Benefits

S&B USA is now a member of the Satell Institute—an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, fully endowed Think and Do Tank dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Federal, Public, and Private Partners Unite to Protect Fargo-Moorhead Community from Flooding
April 29, 2024

Federal, Public, and Private Partners Unite to Protect Fargo-Moorhead Community from Flooding

Read about the innovative Fargo-Moorhead Stormwater Diversion Channel P3 in Western Builder's article.

Moving Mountains...of Dirt
April 8, 2024

Moving Mountains...of Dirt

Leveraging an unseasonably warm winter, the Fargo-Moorhead Stormwater Diversion Channel has pulled ahead of schedule, breaking ground on innovative construction techniques and pouring nearly 8,000 cubic yards of concrete for key structures like the Maple River aqueduct.

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