S&B USA Construction

S&B USA Construction is the construction arm of Shikun & Binui Ltd in the US. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, S&B USA Construction builds complex infrastructure projects and specializes in P3 and Design-Build projects, in which the contractor is responsible for the management of mega projects, including aspects of planning, permitting and in some cases, project finance.

S&B USA Construction is a family of diversified heavy-civil and industrial construction companies recognized for safe and innovative infrastructure solutions. The origins of S&B USA Construction date back to 1947 with the founding of Joseph B. Fay Company (Fay) operating primarily in the Mid-Atlantic States. Since that time by pursuing its strategy of creating value for employees, clients, and other stakeholders, S&B USA Construction has grown and expanded through acquisition and organic means. Fay Southeast, which began operations in 1982, focuses on the geographical region from southern Virginia through the Carolinas.

Globally, Shikun & Binui Ltd operates in more than 20 countries on five continents.

  • The Chatham Bridge reopened to traffic after the old bridge had the entire superstructure replaced and all pier caps re-constructed to accommodate wider travel lanes. The local community is very excited to also have a new 10-foot wide pedestrian and bicycle path.

  • Frankie Pace Park, a Fay S&B USA Construction project, opens in downtown Pittsburgh.

  • As on all S&B USA Construction projects, the Jerome St. Bridge team, including subcontractors, signed a pledge of safety.