Beaver River Bridge Replacement

Beaver, PA
Location: Beaver County
Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Construction Company: Fay
Project Status: Construction started January 2023, Estimated completion date of September 2027
The project consists of two new parallel cast-in-place segmental bridges that will replace a steel deck truss bridge built in 1953. The new eastbound and westbound bridges will be widened to three 12-foot travel lanes, one 12-foot acceleration and deceleration lane, and appropriate shoulders. The new eastbound and westbound bridges will be 1,645 feet in length and will feature 385-foot spans. Upon its completion, this new structure will sit 20 feet higher in elevation than the existing bridge. The overall length of the project is two miles (MM 12 to MM 14), and it covers a total of 264 acres.
Beaver 9
Westbound looking east showing earthwork progress in February 2024.
Beaver 8
Closeup of pier 1 looking southwest.
Beaver 7
Abutment 1 piling looking southwest.
Beaver 6
Construction progress fall 2023.
Beaver 5
Construction progress in fall of 2023.
Beaver 4
Construction progress in fall of 2023.
Beaver 3
Excavation under the Beaver River Bridge.
Beaver 2
The new eastbound and westbound bridges will be 1,645 feet in length and will feature 385-ft spans.
Beaver 1
An overview of the Turnpike leading into Beaver River Bridge.

Project Highlights

  • Construction of two 1,645 ft 5-span cast-in-place segmental bridges over the Beaver River, CSX railroad tracks, and NS railroad tracks
  • Construction of three smaller single-span, 150 ft bridges over SR 18
  • 80 ft precast culvert extension
  • Reconfiguration of an interchange to a half cloverleaf/half diamond ramp system
    • The cloverleaf will be replaced with traffic lights at the ramps on SR 18
  • Mainline widening from four lanes to six lanes including 1.8M cy of class 1 excavation


The critical path of the project lays on the replacement of the existing Big Beaver River Bridge, which has an approximately 1,600 feet long 5-span deck truss with a deck I-beam approach span on each end. The proposed Big Beaver River Bridge consists of dual 1,645 foot long 5-span cast-in-place segmental bridges. The new westbound Bridge construction will begin first and when open to traffic, the old bridge will serve the eastbound traffic as the eastbound bridge is constructed. Once both the new westbound and eastbound bridges are completed, the project will conclude with the demolition of all old bridge structures and final roadway activities. After both the new bridges are open to traffic, the interchange will be completed, tying with the new I-76 eastbound roads. The project also entails 1,200,000 cubic yards of earthwork, reconfiguring and widening roads, installing over 22,000 linear feet of drainage, new ITS, and lighting. Once the interchange is completed, all roads will be open to traffic by November 2026.