I-376 Commercial Street Bridge Replacement

Pittsburgh, PA
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: PennDOT
Construction Company: Fay, S&B USA Construction
Project Status: Project started May 2024
For this project, Fay will replace the current open spandrel concrete arch bridge with an arched delta frame structure using sliding accelerated bridge techniques (ABC). The entire new structure will be built south of the existing bridge on temporary foundations while traffic is maintained on the original bridge. Once the new bridge has been completed, the original bridge will be closed down for two to three weeks, and the original structure will be removed using a mixture of conventional and explosive demolition.
Commercial Street Rendering
This rendering is what the bridge will look like after the replacement.
Commercial Street
An overview of the bridge before replacement.

Project Highlights

  • Parkway East (I-376) is one of the most heavily traveled highways in Western Pennsylvania, and the structure is responsible for supporting nearly 100,000 vehicles per day
  • Original structure will be removed using a mixture of conventional and explosive demolition
  • The completed bridge will weight just over 19 million pounds (9000 tons)
  • The arched delta frame structure was selected due to its ability to meet the project goals, including slidability
  • The skidding system used will be supplied by a specialty slide contractor
  • After tying in the bridge using ABC techniques, the new structure will be reopened to traffic, the debris underneath the bridge will be cleared, and the site will be restored

Flyover Video