S&B USA Construction Leadership

We're a rapidly-growing, tightly-knit team dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions for your infrastructure construction needs. Our team of experts is here to guide you on your journey and help you overcome any barriers standing between you and your goal.
Peter  MacKenna

Peter MacKenna

President and CEO of S&B USA Construction
Kevin  Rihn

Kevin Rihn

Chief Financial Officer
James P. McNelis

James P. McNelis

Executive Vice President
Alvaro  Gómez-Muro

Alvaro Gómez-Muro

Senior Vice President of P3 Operations
Haggai  Dror

Haggai Dror

Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
Ryan  Surrena

Ryan Surrena

President of Fay
Mehmet  Akinci

Mehmet Akinci

Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Laurie  Roy

Laurie Roy

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
John  Astfalk

John Astfalk

Chief Information Officer
Clint  Filges

Clint Filges

Vice President of Operations
Rick  Brissey

Rick Brissey

Operations Director
Jeff  Humphreys

Jeff Humphreys

Operations Director

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