Seagirt Marine Terminal Berth 3 Wharf Improvements

Baltimore, MD
Location: Baltimore, MD
Owner: Ports America Chesapeake
Construction Company: Fay
Project Status: Completed in August of 2022
Fay upgraded Berth 3 of Seagirt Marine Terminal to meet the requirements of post Panamax ships that call on the port. This port originally opened in 1990, and even though it has undergone improvements in the past, the port needed another renovation in order to meet the standards of these larger ships, as it is currently one of only two East Coast ports that is able to handle them. In order to accommodate the deeper draft vessels, subaqueous sheet pile cutoff walls were installed to retain the original bottom against pile cutoff wall and under the existing wharf after the area was dredged. Key work included pavement and fill removal; upgrades to structural concrete components, both topside and underwater, to strengthen them to withstand forces placed upon them by larger vessels; and a subaqueous sheet to retain the original bottom against and under the existing marginal wharf after dredging is completed to accommodate deeper draft vessels. The existing fenders were removed and replaced to accommodate bigger ships.
Berth 3 1
Fay widened Berth 3 of Seagirt Marine terminal to accommodate larger ships.
Berth 3 2
Fay workers installed new king pile and sheeting wall using a vibratory hammer with an innovative 50-ft stinger extension for underwater driving.
Berth 3 3
Workers pouring cast-in-place concrete to for the foundation of the new marine terminal.
Berth 3 4
An aerial view of the Seagirt Marine Terminal.