Montgomery Lock and Dam Installation

Monaca, PA
Location: Monaca, PA
Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Construction Company: Fay
Project Status: Construction began in 2020 and is currently ongoing
Fay was contracted to replace lift gates 9 and 10 at the Montgomery Lock and Dam on the Ohio River in Monaca, PA. After the removal of the original gates, new pedestals were installed, which will raise the machinery beams for operation of the new gates. In addition to replacing this aging infrastructure, modifications will be made on machinery housing, along with the track and sill. The contract also includes the installation of new gate-control and camera systems, which will give dam operators better visibility of the gates and the surrounding areas. This is important because being able to see what's happening around the dam prior to operating the lift gates is vital to the safe operation of the dam. Finally, a new control system will be installed so that the Army Corps of Engineers can operate each lift gate remotely—this is an improvement from the previous system, where the gates were operated manually from the machinery houses.
Montgomery 1
The Montgomery Lock and Dam is located in Monaca, PA, and is overseen by the USACE.
Montgomery 2
Fay's replacement of gates 9 and 10 is a continuation on other previous contracted work designed to replace the aging infrastructure of the lock (which was originally built between 1932-1936) to keep the lock running.
Montgomery 3
Workers performing spall repairs to existing concrete pier.
Montgomery 4
Crane on a barge being used to perform work on the dam.