Location: Susquehanna County, PA
Owner: PennDOT
Construction Company: Fay, S&B USA Construction
Project Status: Under construction since July 2023
Fay was contracted by Bridging Pennsylvania Constructors (BPC), the design-build construction entity as a prime contractor to perform demolition and replacement of two I-81 spans over the Susquehanna River. Fay’s contract is part of a larger project in Susquehanna County for the demolition and construction of a total of ten bridge structures, each of which are 680 ft long and 35 ft off the water, as well as all the associated roadway work. The purpose of this project is to address aging pavement and infrastructure along I-81, including the twin bridges, and to lengthen on and off ramps to meet current interstate design standards and improve safety. This work is part of the even larger PennDOT Major Bridges P3 Program, which consists of five additional bridge locations in the Commonwealth.

Project Highlights

  • Dual bridges will be replaced in three stages to always allow 2 lanes of traffic NB & SB
  • The first 2 major phases of work are each half width construction of the SB bridge
  • The final phase is the demolition and construction of the entire NB bridge
  • Work will be performed from a trestle that will be installed and removed 3 separate times to accommodate the construction phasing
  • Dual bridges over the river carry about 27,000 vehicles per day, approximately 41% of which is truck traffic, and is expected to more than double to around 55,000 by 2045
  • Installation and removal of a 520-ft-long trestle across the Susquehanna 3 times to provide access for each of the construction phases. Trestle capacity capable of supporting multiple 300T cranes