Cundinamarca 010 Toll Road Project

Bogotá, Columbia
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Owner: Colombia's National Infrastructure Agency (ANI)
Construction Company: Project sponsored by Shikun & Binui and Infrared Fund Finances
Project Status: Completed in 2019
This project included 95 miles of road rehabilitation in suburban, rural and remote areas as part of Colombia's multi-national project to upgrade the country's road system. The project is located to the east of the capital, Bogotá, along the eastern Andes mountain range. The aim of the project was to create a highway that connects the Eastern Plains of Colombia with the north of the country. The project brings improvements to the productivity of the country, as the Eastern Plains region is where most of the country’s oil is produced and is also extensively used for agricultural and livestock activities. Transportation times to and from this region will be significantly reduced as it bypasses the congested city of Bogotá. This work was challenging due to the climate, social, and environmental conditions. 
Toll Road completed
This road led to a 2-hour reduction in commute time from the Eastern Plains to Bogotá.
Columbia road overhead view
An aerial view of the road through a community.


The project's total value is $790 million was sponsored by Shikun & Binui and Infrared Fund Finances with the sponsor's equity and a syndicated loan with IDB and four local financial institutions.


This project includes bridges up to 90 yards, inclined box culverts, and massive slope stabilizations. This project also involves the mobilization, logistics, and earthwork work plan including the renovation and operation of a quarry (4000 cy/day) with drilling and blasting operations. Additionally, the project contractor was responsible for the land acquisition to guarantee the right-of-way for the Project. The project was phased to minimize lane closures, maximize mobility during construction and promote safety. The project connects directly with Bogotá, therefore, continued mobility of high traffic volumes was necessary. The use of social media platforms and communication channels to spread awareness of the project and alerts on lane closures and traffic restrictions was key.

Operations and Maintenance

The term of the concession is 25 years, extendable up to 29 years for a shortfall in traffic. operation of 5 toll plazas, three already in operation, and four weigh stations, one in operation and one constructed.

Respecting the Environment

The project is located across environmentally protected areas with fragile flora and fauna and unique conditions near páramo zones (moor highlands). The environmental plan included the required permits and licenses, an impact mitigation plan on the use of natural resources, and an environmental compensation plan to protect valuable species of flora and fauna and hydric resources.

Support to Local Communities

The project spans urban, suburban, rural and remote areas impacting communities with diverse socioeconomic conditions. The project supports local communities by prioritizing the hiring of the local workforce. Additional support was given to small businesses in the area.