Pittsburgh International Airport - Roads & Bridges

Pittsburgh, PA
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Allegheny County Airport Authority
Construction Company: Fay
Project Status: Estimated completion date of December 2024
Fay was recently awarded a contract to build a new network of roads as part of a larger Terminal Modernization Program for Pittsburgh International Airport, totaling at $1.4 billion. Fay’s portion totals out to around $154 million, which includes the construction of new roadways, bridges, culverts, retaining walls, drainage, utilities, traffic control and earthwork. The highlight of the project is a dual level bridge that leads to the terminal; the top will be reserved for departures and the bottom for arrivals.
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Photo Credit: Pittsburgh International Airport
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Ten sets of piers and a few of the 68 tub girders that will be used to construct the dual-level bridge that leads to the new terminal.


For this project, Fay plans to use around 8,000,000 lbs of structural steel and over 7,000 foot of 18” reinforced concrete pipe. The work is challenging at times, as Fay has been working around three active tunnels. As part of this project, Fay will be constructing the following:
  • A 1,300 ft dual-level terminal bridge; the top level will be for departures, middle level for arrivals and bottom level for ground transportation
  • Ten sets of piers to support 68 tub girders
  • A ramp connecting to the new transportation network
  • Approximately four miles of roadway connecting I-376 and the new terminal building through a system of connecting ramps and bridges
  • A parking lot for rideshare services
  • Twelve architecturally designed MSE walls and eight new overhead sign structures