Location: Brookville, PA
Owner: PennDOT
Construction Company: Fay, S&B USA Construction
Project Status: Under construction since 2024
Fay, S&B USA Construction's scope of work includes the demolition and reconstruction of the Eastbound (EB) and Westbound (WB) I-80 bridges over North Fork Redbank Creek, Water Plant Road and the Walter Dick Memorial Park. The purpose of this project is to provide a safe and reliable solution that will appropriately accommodate heavy interstate traffic (ADT of 31,000 by 2026, approximately 44% of which is truck traffic) improving connectivity, mobility, loading and geometry. To remedy these issues, North Fork Bridges on I-80 will be replaced and realigned to correct the substandard curve. The dual I-80 bridges over Jenks Street and the Richardsville Road bridges over I-80 will be replaced. This project is part of the larger PennDOT Major Bridges P3 Program (Progressive Design-Build), which consists of five additional bridge locations in the Commonwealth.
NF low1 rendering
Rendering of what the new bridge and river access will look like after construction is complete.
Rendering of traffic using the completed bridge.
Rendering of traffic using the completed bridge and roadway.