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Greater Pittsburgh continues to find ways in which to diversify its economy

Sharon Novak,CEO of Shikun & Binui USA, was featured in an article by Capital Analytics Associates about Pittsburgh reinvention.

This information below is from Capital Analytics Associates.

By Elena Terán, October 2022

The Steel City continues to prove its distinct ability to reinvent itself and facilitate economic growth through a diverse array of industries. With growth from Washington to Butler County, the region distinguishes itself with a workforce that boasts work ethics, values and pride — a key component from which the region continues to build upon.

Cities across the Greater Pittsburgh region are developing economic strategies to attract new business and residents while better serving existing ones by improving infrastructure and public safety. Overall, the area’s future seems bright as it continues to experience job growth and economic output gains across multiple industries, including the professional, scientific, and technical services.

Invest: spoke with public and private sector leaders in Greater Pittsburgh on how they expect the region to continue to diversify and attract businesses into the area.

1. Attractive for a broad range of industries

Chris Heck President, CEO, Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

“We all embrace and support the diversification of industries looking to relocate or locate in this area. An example is the biomedical industry. A new 88,000-square-foot bio-med facility, Krystal Biotech, opened its doors on airport property across from Dick’s Sporting Goods world headquarters. Innovative industries and companies such as light or advanced manufacturing, assembly and logistics firms are areas that are showing growth and potential here in the airport area.

A primary area where we are very cognizant of growth and potential is the energy sector. Companies producing and extracting natural gas, working together, make us a major player in energy technology and innovation. The region is working on developing hydrogen related projects and microgrid technology turning natural gas into electricity fueling our airport. An example of growth and innovation is Neighborhood 91, an additive manufacturing ecosystem that is attracting companies at an accelerated pace here on airport property. These are exciting new areas as we are shifting from a service-oriented economy to a technology and commerce based, world-class center of innovation.”

2. Paving the way for advance manufacturing

Jeff Kotula, President, Washington County Chamber of Commerce

“We have some of the largest titanium manufacturers in the country located here in Washington County-starting with Perryman Company. These are advanced manufacturers of specific products, which is added value for us and helps us diversify our economy. Energy continues to be big for Washington County. We are trying to become more diversified in the industry that we have here. Not only manufacturing but also healthcare and finances. We have some of the larger banks located here. It has helped ensure that we can grow at steady pace.”

3. An innovation powerhouse

Sean Kertes, Commissioner Chair, Westmoreland County

“We have a major research track for an autonomous vehicles company called Argo AI, which is developed primarily for Ford and other companies at the RIDC Westmoreland campus, who we are in partnership with. With CMU being close to Pittsburgh, we are seeing a lot more robotics and partnerships coming in, and we are happy to announce that we have a major investment from the Turnpike Commission and PennDOT in Westmoreland County for this track and autonomous vehicles. It’s a major investment and we cannot be any happier.”

4. Partnerships set the region up for success

Michele Beener, President, Aspire Grant & Development, LLC

“When we work on a federal grant, one of the key mechanisms by which you increase your scores is through partnerships. There are several significant and impactful grants coming to the city and people aren’t afraid to extend a hand and work together on a project, which doesn’t happen frequently in other cities, where folks are more isolated. Our partners aren’t afraid to step up and contribute funding. We have one of the most charitable and philanthropic communities in the country and they are interested in participating in projects with federal or state match funding. We are trying to get people to think more strategically, breaking projects into smaller pieces so people can contribute in a way that can drive more investment.”

5. A trailblazer in EV infrastructure

Sharon Novak, CEO, Shikun & Binui USA

“We expect it will grow quickly, especially given the federal government’s support through initiatives in the Inflation Reduction Act and the impact of the infrastructure bill. We expect plenty of funds to flow in to support such infrastructure. In the private sector, developers are interested in incorporating EV infrastructure into their construction sites or facilities in airports, cities and other locations. One very significant area we believe will become more significant is in fleet management – for example, school buses – and converting those to electric capabilities. We position ourselves in this market to not only provide charging stations or performing construction work but to offer a long-term, holistic solution.”

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