We Work For Your Fleet

Every industry is different. That's why we tailor our approach to meet the needs of every client. Here are some of the ways we adapt our project plans to your industry.
S&B USA eMobility can remove prohibitive up-front costs through our innovative financing so that your fleets can transport students without harmful emissions. Electric bus fleets have been proven to decrease maintenance and fuel costs over the vehicle's lifetime, adding value to your sustainable investment.
S&B USA eMobility leverages 100 years of construction experience to build fleet projects that make sense for your business. We understand how heavy equipment needs to perform. That's why we build electrification projects to reduce fuel costs while keeping your projects on schedule.
The S&B USA eMobility team is committed to helping local governments and municipalities implement electrification projects to support your communities. Our construction team can build infrastructure solutions that work for your jurisdiction, and our innovative financing can make complete upgrades accessible—no matter your budget.