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S&B USA Ends 2023 with Major Project Wins

S&B USA experienced a banner 2023 with the commencement of construction activities on the PennDOT Major Bridges P3 project, the continuation of work on the Roads and Bridges package of the Terminal Modernization Program at the Pittsburgh International Airport and the start of construction on the Beaver River Bridge Reconstruction for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Additionally, in late 2023, Fay, S&B USA Construction (Fay) was awarded three major alternative delivery construction projects:

CSXT’s Howard Street Tunnel Clearance Program (Baltimore, MD)
A $293M joint venture between leading global development and construction firm, Skanska and Fay, an industry leader in design-build projects, has been selected for the progressive design-build Howard Street Tunnel Clearance Program. With Hatch as the team’s design partner, this initiative will modernize the historic Howard Street Tunnel, an iconic structure with a rich 125-year legacy that stands at the heart of Baltimore City along CSX Transportation's (CSXT) vital I-95 rail corridor. Fay’s portion of the project is valued at $117M.

CSXT’s North Avenue Bridge (Baltimore, MD)
On this $34M progressive design-build project, Fay, in partnership with designer Whitman, Requardt and Associates (WRA), will replace two 19th century 27-ft closed-spandrel brick masonry arches with modern steel girder and concrete deck bridge superstructures. This capital improvement addresses double-stack clearance restrictions along CSXT’s I-95 rail corridor between Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA. Existing CSXT tracks are bounded below by the Amtrak B&P Tunnel, a 98-in diameter stone and brick culvert, as well as above by North Avenue, which carries heavy vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic together with four (4) major water lines, a critical 20-inch diameter gas line, and a network of approximately 50 communication and electrical conduits.

VDOT’s I-64/I-464 Interchange Exit 291 Ramp Improvements (Chesapeake, VA)
Fay, in partnership with designer Wallace Montgomery, won the $106M design-build project to enhance the I-64/I-464 interchange by establishing a direct link between I-64 eastbound and Route 168 southbound through I-464 southbound. To enhance traffic flow, alleviate congestion, and bolster overall safety conditions, the project's scope encompasses several enhancements, such as the introduction of a new flyover ramp from I-64 eastbound to I-464 southbound (connecting to Route 168), a reconfiguration of the I-64 eastbound ramp to I-464 northbound, the preservation of the existing I-464 northbound to I-64 eastbound loop-ramp, the retention of the existing I-64 eastbound to I-464 southbound loop-ramp (leading to Rte. 17 southbound), and a relocation of the I-464 southbound diverge point for Rte. 17 and Rte. 168 approximately 2000 ft northward.

“Alternative delivery is becoming increasingly more standard in projects,” stated Ryan Surrena, President of Fay, S&B USA Construction. “It allows the client to form a partnership with the designer/contractor team to allow for a more efficient process, both timewise and cost-wise.”

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