Location: Newport News, VA
Owner: Eastern Federal Lands
Construction Company: Fay Southeast
Project Status: Completed in January 2022
Fay Southeast provided a much-needed new bridge for this project that replaced its 1960 predecessor. The bridge is located over the City of Newport News VA's Water Reservoir, a highly environmentally sensitive environment. The work included bridge demolition and construction to raise the grade of the bridge surface and roadway, abutment construction within the reservoir dam embankment and utility relocation in the reservoir for a 0.56-mile segment of VA Route 105 including two access ramps to US Route 60. The complete removal and replacement of the Fort Eustis Bridge allowed for widening in the process. The construction of the new bridge was done in stages so that the existing bridge remained open during the replacement. An elevated work platform (trestle) protected the sensitive work area.
Ft Eustis 1
An aerial view of the construction; the Ft. Eustis Bridge crosses Newport News's city reservoir in a highly sensitive area, and the new bridge will help redirect pollution from entering the city reservoir.
Ft Eustis 2
This elevated work platform (trestle) allows the 4100 crane to walk from land on to the barges in the water.
Ft Eustis 3
This photo shows an A-frame being used to drive 14" battered test pile.
Ft Eustis 4
Fay construction workers spreading concrete for the bridge.