Coliseum Lake Water Quality Retrofit

Hampton, VA
Location: Hampton, VA
Owner: City of Hampton
Construction Company: Fay Southeast
Project Status: Completed in March of 2016
Fay Southeast transformed Coliseum Lake into a stormwater treatment facility for a 362-acre watershed. The lake originally served as a borrow pit for the construction of I-64 over 50 years ago, and in order to repurpose it, we constructed a sheet pile wall across the lake and performed dredging activities. The project helped slow the movement of stormwater and reduce sediment in the lake through the stabilization of bank erosion. Over the course of this project, workers dredged approximately 5,400 cy of lake bottom, placed 1,800 cy of wetland fill material and 4,000 tons of riprap and planted vegetation to help remove pollutants from the water before it reaches local tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.
Coliseum 1
The steel barrier shown here was installed to slow the flow of water and help filter out pollutants and particulates so they don't dump into Newmarket Creek and empty out into the Chesapeake Bay—that way these materials stop killing fish, oysters, crabs, grasses and other life critical to a healthy marine ecosystem.
Coliseum 2
The lake serves as a watershed, and nearly 400 acres drain into it—most of the runoff comes from roads and parking lots, which brings pollutants that cars leave behind on the asphalt.
Coliseum 3
Fay Southeast constructed 297 ft of sheet pile wall across the lake.
Coliseum 4
Construction workers installing sheet pile using a vibratory hammer.