Nimmo Parkway

Virginia Beach, VA
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Owner: VDOT
Construction Company: Fay Southeast
Project Status: Completed in 2014
This major new arterial connector, which was built cross sensitive wetlands and a waterway, involved nearly every component of roadway construction including roadway, bridge, utilities and signalization. 

The construction of Nimmo Parkway between Holland Road and General Booth included approximately 1.7 miles of new four-lane divided roadway, included two bridges over West Neck Creek and adjacent wetlands. The project will provide major congestion relief on the existing roadway network in the vicinity of the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. The project will be bicycle and pedestrian friendly, with widened outside travel lanes for on-street bicycle use and five-foot sidewalks for bicycle and pedestrian use.

The scope of work included the construction of a four lane divided asphalt highway and included two concrete pile supported concrete bridges 1,620 lf and 120 lf long, respectively; and seven concrete sound walls. This project also includes the installation of 13,500 Llf of storm drainage pipe, 109 storm drainage structures, 30,000 lf of concrete curb and gutter, 719 tons of asphalt concrete sidewalk, 8,000 lf of 16” water line, 7,741 lf of 42” sanitary sewer force main, and 2,850 LF each of horizontally directionally drilled (HDD) water and HDD sanitary sewer lines.
I would like to thank Fay Southeast for your excellent work on the Nimmo Parkway Project. This project included several initiatives for innovative material use that Fay Southeast was instrumental in executing. Fay Southeast partnered in an exemplary fashion. The Nimmo Parkway project was completed on time and within budget.
-Mitchell Layton, Construction Manager for VDot
Nimmo 1
Placement of concrete beams to form the bridge deck.
Nimmo 3
This major new arterial connector was built across sensitive wetlands.
Nimmo 2
Final bridge