Hyatt House & Hyatt Place

Virginia Beach, VA
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Owner: Hyatt Hotels through Armada Hoffler Construction
Construction Company: Fay Southeast
Project Status: Completed in April 2015

Fay Southeast was the piling subcontractor for two new properties, Hyatt House and Hyatt Place, in Virginia Beach, VA. In order to do so, we installed 400 precast concrete piles for the foundations of the two facilities. This project was complicated because we had to adhere to a noise ordinance, which made construction difficult.

“…job well done. Driving piles under such conditions was difficult, to say the least. Despite noise complaints, close neighbors, long hours and many design changes, [Fay Southeast] was able to adapt to each situation and meet the hard deadline imposed by Virginia Beach.”  -James McRoberts, Senior Project Manager

Hyatt 1
An aerial view of the project; Fay Southeast installed nearly 20,000 ft of 12 by 50 ft and 14 by 55 ft precast concrete piling.
Hyatt 2
This property is located alongside a popular beachfront, which complicated the project due to a noise ordinance.
Hyatt 3
Pre-augured piles to a depth of 40 and drove the piles to a minimum tip depth of 55 feet below the minimum grade of 12 ½ feet .